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Upcoming Events- May 2024

MAY 11 Market Day Sale

Ready to embark on a culinary and floral adventure that celebrates the wonderful women in your life? Join us at our market sale this Mother's Day weekend for a celebration of love, family, and community. Whether you're browsing the bake sale, selecting the perfect flowers, or savoring a bag of kettle corn, we invite you to join us in honoring the special women who make our world brighter every day. See you there!

MAY 17- Third Friday

Downtown Warsaw hosts Fat and Skinny Tire Fest. LHM is attending with a booth to connect with the community.

MAY 24-25 Youth Lock In

Have you ever experienced the thrill of staying up all night, surrounded by friends, with a sense of excitement in the air? If so, you might have participated in a youth lock-in event.

Beyond the memories created and the friendships formed, youth lock-ins have a lasting impact on the students that will last forever. They provide a safe and supportive environment for young people to build their relationship with Christ and strengthen their sense of community. For many, a youth lock-in is not just an event, but a transformative experience that shapes their identity and values.

We want your student there!

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